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Fantasy Football

Trophies, belts, draft boards, loser awards, and other ridiculous products!

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Celebrate Your Greatness

Fantasy Football Trophies

Make the ultimate upgrade to a 19-year perpetual base trophy. Etch your name into history each year as the trophy is passed on from winner to winner.

  • sizes 26″, 36″ & 56″

  • Anodized Metal Columns

  • Free Engraving

100,000+ Happy Customers

“Excellent trophy. As commissioner of my league, I wanted to make sure I was buying a quality product. TrophySmack did not disappoint. Excellent quality and craftsmanship. Will be in our league for years to come.”

Paul H

Custom Championship Belts

Easy customization and design options make this belt uniquely yours, and yours alone. Make your wins unforgettable with a belt fit for a king!

  • 6 lbs Solid Metal

  • Available in Full Color

Best Price Guarantee & 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Level up your draft party

From toppers, colors, engravings & more -trust us no one will have a Trophy that looks like yours

Fantasy Football Rings

Take your bling to the next level by creating your own custom championship ring! Want to feature a team logo, pay homage to 'Dad of the Year,' recognize a top performer, or personalize a unique groomsman gift? We've got you covered!

  • Crafted from solid metal

  • Maximum Bling

Fantasy Football Draft Boards

Our exclusive “Live Draft” design brings the true Draft Experience into your home or bar. We Guarantee your league mates will thank you…even if you drop a Smack Talk sticker on their lousy draft picks!

  • Officially licensed NFLPA

  • Exclusive Designes


Humiliating trophies and gifts for your
league's last place loser.

  • Satisfaction guaranteed

  • Superior Quality

How It Works

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    Sit down & take a load off. We have all your fantasy league needs right here

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    Pick out your favourite draft board, your enviable winnings, and maybe even something for the losers

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    Customize your loot to make your fantasy season that much more - change out your topper from something jaw dropping or just add in a custom plaque to really make the moment


We’ve laid out our designer tool in a straightforward step-by-step process with 100’s of assets to support you in the designing process. Starting with awesome backgrounds, the ability to upload logos, design elements, and your own text, put you in control of your destiny. You design it, we create it. What are you waiting for?!

We utilize a sophisticated, cutting-edge, never-before-seen, top-secret technology that enables us to print ANYTHING on our epic hardware. It’s pretty much the equivalent and living your life in black and white, then stepping into the greatness of full color. And it’s all done right here at the TrophySmack HQ.

Yes! While our designer tool is awesome to create 1,2, or 3 custom pieces, we understand that designing dozens is a tall order. Not to worry! We offer bulk discounts and full design support on any custom orders over 5x quantity.  Contact sales@trophysmack.com to get the ball rolling!

Production times vary by product, level of customization, and seasonality. Please see the product production time on the respective product page for specific time ranges. 

Non-custom / non-engraved products are fulfilled within 2-3 business days unless otherwise noted. Engravings ship in 5-7 business days on average, and custom-designed products can take up to 3-4 weeks. Please confirm on the product page for details. Sometimes greatness takes time.

It is! We offer FREE shipping on EVERYTHING within the Continental United States using UPS.

Simply use our custom designer tool to create the championship belt of your dreams! The sky is the limit when it comes to what can be customized on our products.

Anything and everything! If you are celebrating a win then we have a belt for you. Bachelor parties, Christmas gifts, work anniversaries, you name it, we can design it.

A better question would be, why NOT!? Outside of Fantasy Football, our custom design championship rings can be used for any noteworthy achievement. From crowning dad the MVP of father’s day or treating yourself after earning the title of Top Salesperson, you can design your very own custom championship ring with ease.

Our fantasy rings are produced in size 12 and are intended to be showpieces. Let's be honest, this isn’t your grandmother’s ring, and we aren't your jeweler. Every win is larger than life and should be treated as such!

TrophySmack’s rings are crafted from solid metal and can literally double as your heaviest paperweight. In addition, we design our rings for maximum bling and literally fit in as many blinged-out jewels as we could into each of our products.

TrophySmack offers ring display cases to ensure your winning legacy lives on for years to come. Our championship rings are professionally crafted, over the top, and meant to be flaunted.

A fantasy league just isn’t complete without a customizable fantasy football draft board. Get out from behind your laptop and use TrophySmack’s draft boards to create and lead the ultimate fantasy team to victory. Easily keep track of your league’s drafted players with our exclusive draft board now.

TrophySmack’s fantasy football draft boards are the highest quality draft boards available on the market. From custom draft board designs to exclusive smack talk labels, our draft boards feature it all. Each board can be used for a league of 8, 10, or 12 teams, and we even have a bundled version with a championship ring to crown the victor of your fantasy league.