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Golf Trophies and Golf Belts

Build Your Own Custom Golf Trophy or Championship Golf Belt

Celebrate your next achievement on the course with a custom golf trophy or championship golf belt from TrophySmack. Our personalized golf trophies and belts are perfect to commemorate any golfing event: from school teams to charity tournaments and more. They are even perfect for memorializing your fantasy golf pick winners. Our trophies hold up to 19 unique engraved nameplates for each year's winner. Choose from our selection of golf trophies and golf belts and get started building your custom creation today!

Golf Trophy & Golf Belt Designs For Any Occasion

Level up your game with a custom golf trophy or golf championship belt, built to celebrate your next school, rec league, or charity event. Our golf trophies are built to last with the highest quality materials and sport original designs. Make a name for yourself by earning the ultimate bragging rights with a custom golf trophy that’s sure to be a conversation starter. Personalizing your trophy or belt creation is fast and easy, so you can focus on making the right picks. Commemorate your victory in a way you and your team (or opponents) will never forget with an epic golf trophy or title belt.

High Quality Custom Golf Trophies & Golf Championship Belts

Our custom golf trophies and golf championship belts are personalized, featuring league nameplates (up to 19 winner plates). Keep your league trophy forever, adding new champions every year. We engrave our nameplates at an affordable price and then ship your golf trophy or belt for free right to your doorstep. TrophySmack offers free engravings at the time of purchase for the current and past year winner, along with the league plate. Constructed with anodized metal columns and a solid wood base, a TrophySmack golf trophy or golf belt is a lasting investment that your league will love for years and years to come. Order your custom golf trophy or belt today, just in time for the upcoming season!

Don’t Worry, We’ve Got Your Back

Our top tier golf trophies and golf championship belts won't hurt your wallet, unlike the competition. Our perpetual golf trophies are cost-efficient and virtually last forever. Plus, our customer service team is committed to providing a hassle-free experience and won't give up until you are totally satisfied with your purchase. We’ll make sure your golf trophy is truly a prize fit for a champion with our rigorous quality assurance standards. What are you waiting for? Order yours now!

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