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Humiliating awards and trophies for your league’s last place loser!

In life, someone always has to come in last place, but in fantasy football, those people have to face their shame. We’ve got everything you need to remind your league’s fantasy loser just how badly they lost this season. From ribbons to tattoos, these last place fantasy football trophy options are sure to make that loss sting just a little bit more. We even have a loser’s mirror so they will have to face themselves and their mistakes head-on.

Don’t let the fantasy football losers in your life off easy; rub it in their faces and let them know you won’t be forgetting anytime soon. When it comes to embarrassment, we’ve got the fantasy football loser trophy styles that are sure to hit them where it hurts. Do you know that saying “kick 'em while they’re down”? Well, we take that to a whole new level. Shop our selection of last place trophies today, and don’t miss out on your chance to humiliate your league’s weakest link.