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TrophySmack's championship rings raise the stakes of any competition. Celebrate crushing your leaguemates in fantasy football or memorialize a big milestone with your very own custom championship ring! Be the envy of the competition all year round. Don't be afraid to show 'em who the champ is.

Why celebrate with your own Championship Ring?

While TrophySmack specializes in fantasy football trophies and bling, our custom design championship rings can be used for any noteworthy achievement. From crowning dad the MVP of father’s day or treating yourself after earning the title of top salesman, you can design your very own custom championship ring with ease. If you’re looking to preserve and showcase your hard-earned victories and accomplishments, TrophySmack also offers ring display cases to ensure your winning legacy lives on for years to come. Our championship rings are professionally crafted, over the top, and meant to be flaunted. You’ve worked tirelessly to earn your accomplishments and what better way to celebrate than with a ring that is handcrafted and blinged-out for maximum observer jealousy.

What Sets Our Championship Rings Apart?

Not convinced that TrophySmack’s championship rings are worthy of representing your victory? Try this on for size:

  • TrophySmack’s rings are crafted from solid metal and can literally double as your heaviest paperweight.
  • Our custom designer software gives anyone the ability to quickly design and create the perfect custom championship ring in less than a minute.
  • With the ability to easily upload your own logo and customize your own text, there isn't a championship ring that compares to TrophySmack's custom capabilities.
  • We designed our rings for maximum bling; we literally fit in as many blinged-out jewels as we could into each of our products.
  • Our fantasy rings are produced in size 12 and are intended to be showpieces. Let's be honest, this isn’t your grandmother’s ring, and we aren't your jeweler. Every win is larger than life and should be treated as such!

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Fantasy Football Madness

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