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FANTASY Draft Boards

The pandemic is officially over and TrophySmack is bringing back the excitement of live draft parties with our fantasy football draft boards! Raise the stakes for your fantasy league with a Championship Ring and fantasy draft board kit bundle now!

Why Purchase a Fantasy Football Draft Board?

A fantasy league just isn’t complete without a customizable fantasy football draft board. Get out from behind your laptop and use TrophySmack’s draft boards to create and lead the ultimate fantasy team to victory. Easily keep track of your league’s drafted players with our exclusive draft board now.

What Sets our Draft Boards Apart?

TrophySmack’s fantasy football draft boards are the highest quality draft boards available on the market. From custom draft board designs to exclusive smack talk labels, our draft boards feature it all. Each board can be used for a league of 8, 10 or 12 teams, and we even include a bundled version with a championship ring to crown the victor of your fantasy league.

Why is my fantasy football draft board folded?

We’ve never seen a fantasy football draft board not folded. Have you? We fold ours for easy, and free shipping.

How do I get the creases out of my fantasy football draft board?

The best way to prepare your fantasy football draft board for use is to open it up and unfold it. Spread it out and smooth it out. We’ve also heard that gently folding the creases in the opposite direction and/or rolling it up helps too.

How does a fantasy football draft board work?

A fantasy football draft board is basically a giant paper spreadsheet that you can hang on your wall. It allows your fantasy football league to keep track of who’s been drafted and to what team they belong to. A draft board kit includes player stickers to make your in-person fantasy football draft east and fun.

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Fantasy Football Madness

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