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What is TrophySmack?

Oh hey, I didn’t see you there. I was just getting in some quality time with this trophy, which represents the single greatest achievement of my life. Just don’t repeat that to my family.

Think back on your fantasy football season and how you destroyed your opponent every week. Remember every painstaking roster move, each action the perfect gamble. That same level of pride applies to your kid’s softball team, your dad’s bowling league, and your company’s recognition awards. At TrophySmack, we bottle all of those amazing moments, distill them, and pour every ounce of their greatness into our trophies (and other epic recognition items).

Fantasy leagues, sports teams, and corporations across the country have been rocking that same tired trophy year after year… just like the one you got in 1989 for completing the local Karate-4-Kids class. You may have found yourself asking, “After all this time, why haven’t these lame trophies ever changed!?” 

We asked ourselves the same question in January of 2018 and that’s how TrophySmack was born. We’ve developed a collection of unique and customizable trophies, along with other innovative recognition items, made to represent hard-earned victories everywhere! 

Many of our trophies come with a custom plaque and swappable topper that the coach or commissioner can update each season, allowing the previous winner to hold onto those pieces and remember the year they were numero uno. Over time, they’ll never become boring, as our talented team of designers continually create new toppers. Between the swap tops, customizable plaques, anodized metal column colors, and 26” - 56” sizes, there are thousands of unique trophy combinations possible.  

Maybe your needs are far more simple and you just want a badass trophy cup fit for a king (or queen). We’ve got those. Blinged-out championship rings? Yep. Custom championship title belts? We’ve got unlimited styles and combinations of those too! 

Or maybe you don’t want a trophy at all. Feast your eyes on WallSmack… vibrantly colored wall art printed on sturdy stainless steel, with a wall-safe magnetic mount. Customize a one-of-a-kind piece or find the perfect representation of your win, created by one of our amazing in-house artists. So, go ahead… be the architect of your own awesomeness. Level up celebrating life’s greatest moments with TrophySmack today!

How do Swappable Trophy Toppers work?

TrophySmack Trophy Toppers can be swapped!

Our trophies are designed to represent your current Fantasy Champion. Instead of passing around the same tired trophy year after year, update it annually by choosing a custom-curated trophy topper and pairing it with a clever custom plaque! Our team of creative geniuses releases new Trophy Toppers throughout the year.

Trophy topper designs and corresponding plaques can be found here.

Do you only offer trophies for Fantasy Sports? What if I want a Non-Fantasy trophy?

TrophySmack has a trophy for every sport (fantasy or not) and every occasion you can think of. 

But why stop at trophies? We have fully customizable Championship Rings, Championship Title Belts (in 3 sizes), and our newest collection WallSmack (wall art) that can all be customized to celebrate even the most obscure kind of champions. Beer Pong? Yep. Cornhole? Uh-huh. Top Salesman of the Year? We’ve got you. Last Place in the Neighborhood Baking Challenge? There’s even some hardware for those losers.

When will you offer fantasy baseball, basketball, and golf?

We are happy to announce the successful launch of baseballbasketball and soccer trophies! Join our mailing list for updates on other sports like golf and hockey in the near future

What's your return policy?

Depends on if you've ordered a custom or non-custom item. Let's break it down:

Did you box arrive having seen better days? Let us know within 15 days of delivery and we'll make things right. Any damaged or defective product will be replaced free of charge once we're clear on what happened. 

Mess up on an engraving? It happens. Let us know and we'll have a new one shipped out free of charge. No problem!

Did you order non-customizable hardware and want to return it? The return process must be started within 15 days of delivery and the return labels are at the expense of the customer.

What about *customized hardware? User errors made during the custom design process, such as misspellings, incorrect colors, incorrect logos or photos, etc. are non-refundable. But...

We might be able to correct the mistake if the customer purchases a replacement piece. Side plates, front plates, ring faces, and other customizable parts are available for purchase. Just send us a message using the chat bubble icon or click "contact"!

*Examples of customized hardware include but aren't limited to belts, rings, turnover chains, custom WallSmack, and more.

What’s with Trump and Jesus? What are your political and religious beliefs?

While polarizing politics and religions might be bad for mankind, they provide the perfect opportunity for humor and smack talk in the safe, contained environment of Fantasy Sports.

TrophySmack Custom

How custom can you get?!

Make it as custom as you wanna be! Upload photos, artwork, company logos, or even your favorite meme! TrophySmack has changed the game when it comes to custom awards. Have you seen our Design Tool? It’s SICK! Our custom design tool allows anyone to look like Picasso and design their very own custom masterpiece onto our epic hardware. 

Need something so specific that extra help might be necessary? Or maybe you have a huge corporate or team order. We can handle that. Just email our super-qualified Design Support Team and they’ll work with you to create the ultra-custom hardware of your dreams.

How does the TrophySmack Design Tool work?

Our Design Tool is so easy to use that anyone, even your Great-Aunt Bertie can use it! The step-by-step process helps you to choose the colors, add text, and upload your photo or logo. Don’t have a file to upload? That’s ok. You can also pick from hundreds of clip art graphics across dozens of different categories to express yourself. You are the Captain of this Celebration Ship and our team is here to guide you into port! (That’s just a creative way of saying that if you design it, we’ll make it.)

I need some inspiration. What occasions call for TrophySmack hardware?

The better question is… what occasion doesn’t call for TrophySmack hardware!? 

Father’s Day, bridal party gifts, employee recognition, top customers, tournament champions, birthdays, baby showers, graduations, Arbor Day… basically ANY reason to celebrate is a reason to give TrophySmack hardware!  

Design your very own championship ring, title belt, or WallSmack wall art to represent any of life’s celebratory moments. Upload your own logos, artwork, and photos, or pick and choose from our amazing collection of design elements, then add text to make it extra special.

But how do you actually MAKE all this awesome stuff?

We utilize a sophisticated, cutting-edge, never-before-seen, top-secret technology that enables us to print ANYTHING on our epic hardware. Once you see your trophy, belt, ring, or WallSmack in person and hold it in your hands… it will feel as if you’ve been living your life in black and white, and then stepping into the greatness of full-color.

Can you handle bulk orders?

Heck yeah, we can! While our design tool is an awesome way to create 1, 2, or even 3 custom pieces, we understand that designing dozens is a tall order. We offer bulk discounts and full design support on any custom orders over 5x quantity.  Contact sales@trophysmack.com to get the ball rolling!

How long will it take to make my custom hardware?

Production times vary by product, level of customization, and seasonality. Please see the production times listed on the product page of the item you need for a more specific answer. 

In general, non-custom, non-engraved products are fulfilled within 2-3 business days unless otherwise noted. Engravings and WallSmack, on average, ship within 5-7 business days, and DIY custom-designed hardware within 1-2 weeks (depending on the level of customization). 

If you’ve worked with our in-house design team on a super custom design, you’ll be quoted a production time following the approval of your artwork proof. Thanks for your patience!


How does Engraving Work?

We utilize state of the art Laser Engraving for all our engraved products.  Our perpetual trophies include FREE League Name Engraving and up to 19 years of Engraved Winner Name Plates.  

To ensure we get you your hardware as soon as possible, all engravings ship separately. Keep an eye out for that blue TrophySmack letter in your mailbox!

Our engraved plates have adhesive backing, enabling easy and convenient placement on your trophy or belt.  We use a ‘flexibrass’ material, giving the sleek appearance of brushed aluminum of matte black finish, while having the flexibility for placement of choice.

Free engraved name plates included with our perpetual trophies are for current and past champions.  Future winner name plates are available for purchase for only $13 with FREE SHIPPING!  

Forget the annual visit to the local drab trophy shop and $20+ engraving fees; we ship your new engraved name plates right to your door.  Your trophy will pay for itself with the engraving savings!

How many engravings come with my purchase?

TrophySmack 26”-56” Perpetual Trophies can hold up to 19 years of winners on the front three surfaces, and a total of 48 nameplates when all five sides of the trophy base are utilized.

Our Square Base Perpetual Trophies hold up to 24 years of winners! The front side holds the custom engraved league plate and the three remaining sides can each hold 8 nameplates.  

Championship Belts hold up to 12 years of winner nameplates.

We auto-size the font to account for large names and team names. The character limit should not exceed 20 per line, but we can get creative if needed (that’s a long name!)

Where do I place my engraving?

Our engraved plates have an adhesive backing and are cut to fit perfectly on your TrophySmack Trophy or Belt Side Plate.  For trophies, place the league plate at the middle-top of the front surface, lining up corner to corner on the left and right side.  

Name plates can be placed in any order of choice- some leagues prefer starting the first year in the upper left corner of the far left surface, others like starting on the left corner of the middle surface.

Purchase our Championship Belt with engravings for the side plates? Good call! Your league will thank you. The side plates of the belt will have a football field design with notches along the edges that indicate where the name plates should be placed.  Our side plates look great with or without engraved name plates…but we all know it looks best when YOUR name is inscribed into the history books!

Blank Name Plates

Because of the nature of our engraved name plates, we do not offer blank name plates for free with perpetual trophy purchases.  

If this is upsetting news, please hear us out…  blank name plates would have to be peeled off your trophy base at the end of the season.. driven to your local musky trophy shop... cost around $20.. risk alignment and fonts not being correct, thus wasting half your day on an experience that’s supposed to be fun.  This process not fun.  Future name plates, once the victor is crowned champion, can be purchased here for just $13 with free shipping to your door- with the correct size, font, and formatting- ready to be affixed into history on your TrophySmack trophy.

Shipping & Handling

Did you really win a bet with FedEx last fantasy season for free shipping?

We offer FREE shipping on EVERYTHING within the Continental United States. We use FedEx. No more questions.

I did not receive my engravings... Where are they?

To speed up the production process, the engraved plates will sometimes ship separately from your hardware. If they weren't in your trophy box, keep an eye out for a blue TrophySmack envelope with your engravings enclosed! Please allow 3-5 days for production plus shipping for engravings.

What shipping service levels are offered?

Larger items such as trophies and championship belts ship FREE with FedEx Ground. Smaller items such as Rings and tattoos ship free via USPS. You will receive an email with your tracking number the day your product ships.

For procrastinators everywhere, we offer additional shipping options such as 2-day air and next day air.  These shipping options are available to select during checkout. 

How fast does TrophySmack ship once an order is placed?

We ship orders within 2-3 business days. Please allow an extra 2-3 business days for engraved products. Custom Product production time is typically 3-6 business days. High order volume can create delays in fulfillment. Please bear with us pre-season (July/August) and at the end of the season (January). That's when the bulk of our orders come in and we work overtime to get them out as quickly as possible to you!

What if FedEx damages my shipment?

It’s been said that every time a TrophySmack Trophy gets damaged a unicorn loses its horn. We certainly wouldn't want that to happen!

If your order arrives damaged, you can use the self-service panel on our homepage, or email us at support@trophysmack.com with the details. If the damage is minimal such as scraped paint, we may have the option of sending touch up paint.

Please hang on to the original packaging and damaged product so FedEx can pick up for inspection (if needed)... but don't worry, we’ll make everything right and deal with FedEx in a dark alleyway later.